2022-23 season

2022-23 season

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Usually Droll Jim Moll Plays it Straight in Calendar Girls

Jim Moll as John (seated) is fighting a battle that inspires the women of Calendar Girls
Jim Moll is used to being the center of attention onstage. His grand stature, booming voice, and larger than life personality make Jim hard to miss.  The former principal knows how to command attention and respect.  He often portrays over-the-top characters like Roger DeBris in The Producers and Big Julie in Guys & Dolls, and he’s even played God onstage.  But in the Farmington Player's production of Calendar Girls, Jim is fine with giving the ladies the limelight.

Jim plays John Clarke, the husband one of the “Girls.” Jim describes his character as “a wonderful guy who provides motivation for the women of the WI to take their clothes off.”  Without giving too much away, the women’s calendar is a fundraiser to fight cancer, which afflicts John in the play.  Jim says that Calendar Girls’ “reminder that cancer is an insidious disease that needs to be fought hits home for me. The underlying theme of fighting cancer is one that many will have experienced.”

Jim notes that other themes of the show include “recognizing the potential that ‘middle-aged’ women have, often not validated, to be empowered to confidently affect change and be seen as people who can exert themselves in society.  Given our political climate right now, these ideas are especially important.”  While these ideas are important, most patrons will probably be wondering, “Yes, but what about the nudity?”  Jim assures audiences that the “nudity is really very tame and is handled thoughtfully and with care.  Having been on the Barn stage as a member of The Full Monty cast that bares it all in a much more raucous manner, I can relate to the feelings this provokes among my current cast mates. They're handling it well, and our directors are ensuring that nobody will feel exploited or ... overexposed.”

Jim is glad to be playing a supporting role to these bold and empowered women, and he knows audiences “will love seeing the relationships between the characters and will be able to relate to their situation. And, the cast is made up of fun and energetic actors who are fearlessly portraying their characters.” 

Calendar Girls has six performances remaining at Farmington Players Barn Theater, but this weekend is virtually sold out. Get your tickets now for the final three shows: October 12, 13, 14. The show is proudly sponsored by Mall Malisow & Cooney.  Tickets are available online at