2022-23 season

2022-23 season

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kandi’s “Can Do” Attitude Makes Mockingbird Fly

Kandi Krumins:  Photo by Jan Cartwright

Kandi Krumins plays Jean Louise Finch, the adult Scout, and serves as the onstage narrator of our play.  Originally cast as Miss Maudie, Kandi quickly embraced her new role when the initial Jean Louise dropped out unexpectedly.  Kandi willingly jumped in with both feet and made a seamless transition to Jean Louise.  She even dyed her blond hair brown to match Scout.  

Kandi feels that the use of a narrator “really helps the audience better understand the play, and I think the narration adds great depth to the story. The characters are introduced as young Jean remembers them, which adds some levity to this otherwise ‘heavy’ story.”   As the youngest of six children, mother of two, and long-time middle school teacher, Kandi felt well prepared for this role: “I'm guessing that most people go back in time and try to make sense of their childhood -- particularly with the things we didn't understand and crave resolution with.  I know I've done it many times.  I can relate to Jean Louise, and feel very comfortable playing her role.”

Kandi says she has gained some valuable life lessons from Mockingbird:
“(1) Remember, your children are watching you.  At some point they WILL question what roads you travelled in life.  When that time comes, hopefully you can look into their eyes and feel good about your answers.
(2) The people you choose to spend time with affect who you are.  Choose your friends based on the content of their character...not the color of their skin, height, weight, age, etc.
(3)  Many hardships are really blessings in disguise.  Sometimes it just takes a while to see it.”

She also has some great insights into the directors’ roles in making Mockingbird hum: “It's the fine-tuning of good directors that makes the whole thing RUN, like a machine.  All the parts need to mesh together, or we break down.  The funny part is, we people on stage get most of the credit, individually.  It's kind of like thanking the individual parts of a fine car for its performance, instead of recognizing the brilliance in the mechanics that put it all together.”

Kandi’s warmth and sense of humor comes through onstage as Jean Louise and she deserves kudos for her fine performance in this show, which includes three more performances on October 20, 21 and 22.  Get tickets while they last at www.farmingtonplayers.org or by calling 248-553-2955.  Find us on Facebook at "Farmington Players" http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000154976336

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