2022-23 season

2022-23 season

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Laurel Stroud Can't Miss As "Mrs."

Laurel Stroud plays Catherine Dickens among other "Mrs."

Christmas wreaths made of laurel and other evergreens symbolize strength, as evergreens last throughout the harshest of winters.  Like her namesake, Laurel Stroud is both strong and enduring.  In A Christmas Carol, she plays many mothers and wives whose strength of character is important to the story.  As Mrs. Cratchit, she hides her tears and says, “I would never show weakness to your father.”  She’s also outspoken in expressing her disgust for Scrooge, something her humble husband Bob would never do.  Mrs. Cratchit is Laurel’s favorite character: “She has the biggest range of emotions, and the most lines.”

Laurel also plays Mrs. Fezziwig, Mrs. Fred (Scrooge's nephew's wife), Mrs. Dilber (a laundress who steals from the deceased), and Catherine Dickens, Charles' wife.  Laurel sees Catherine as “very proper and frustrated dealing with her husband's games during a dinner party.  But she is a good sport and plays along.” 

Laurel is also a good sport, serving in many different capacities at the Barn.  Offstage, she is on the Board, as Director of Communications and Education.  She was last seen onstage in the chorus of The Producers, as a tap-dancing showgirl.  Her other favorite Barn roles include Mom in Leaving Iowa, Essie in You Can't Take it With You and Jennie in Chapter Two

Laurel truly understands the message behind A Christmas Carol: “The main theme is to not get so focused on the day-to-day business of life that we lose sight of what we do all that business for.  There are people in our lives we love and who love us.  That should not be taken for granted.  Another thing I hope is brought out is the idea that there are people around us who need help, and most likely there is something we can do to help them.”

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