Our Current 2019-2020 Season:

Our Current 2019-2020 Season:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Katie Evitts: Her “Christmas Eve” bears no goodwill towards men

Katie Evitts plays Christmas Eve, and she's the boss
of her fiance Brian (Joel Mapes)

Meet Katie Evitts, who plays Christmas Eve, in the Farmington Players’ production of Avenue Q.  Katie and Joel Mapes (who plays Brian, her character’s fiancé) are two of the three human characters in the show.  While Joel is “quite similar” to Brian, Katie couldn’t be more different that Christmas Eve.  Katie says, “Personally, I would think of myself as a shy and subtle person. This role is opposite of me and I am so excited for the challenge and a chance to learn!” 

Unlike the mild-mannered Katie, Christmas Eve is a loud, blunt, Japanese woman whom Katie describes as “a dominant woman who wears the pants in the relationship with Brian. She thinks men want an aggressive woman and has no problem pushing her fiancé around. She has two Masters Degrees and no clients. She's tried to work in a Korean deli after having no luck finding clients as a therapist. She also hands out dating advice to Kate Monster as she attempts to play matchmaker between Kate and Princeton.”

Katie admires Christmas Eve’s “bluntness,” and enjoys playing her opposite: “Working in a school, I have quite a reserved demeanor, so being in theater is my time to let loose and make great friends!”  Katie is employed with Bloomfield Hills Public Schools as an Instructional Assistant working with young adults diagnosed with severe disabilities. She also works with families whose children have limited abilities at home to promote their child's independence.  In the future, she would like to be a superintendent in public schools to advocate for students of all abilities.  In her spare time, she enjoys making cards, having "taco Tuesdays" with her dear friends, promoting the construction of an inclusive playground, and participating in theater.

A newcomer to the Farmington Players, Katie “auditioned for this show after encouragement from Keshia Oliver who is playing Gary Coleman. I had participated in Ann Arbor Civic Theatre’s production of Miss Saigon with both Keshia and Bob Cox and quickly became dear friends!! I am looking for similar results with the Farmington Players and can't wait to get to know this wonderful cast, production team and crew. … I find this show hilarious! I love the music.  I feel blessed to be chosen to be part of what I know will be a great show!!”

Avenue Q opens Friday August 10 and runs through Saturday August 25.  Get your tickets at www.farmingtonplayers.org or by calling the Farmington Players box office at 248-553-2955.  Find us on Facebook under “Farmington Players.” 

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