2022-23 season

2022-23 season

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rachel Biber Gets Whipped into Shape in Legally Blonde

Being a "fitness nut" helps Rachel Biber play cardio queen Brooke Wyndham

As a cast member in Legally Blonde, the Musical, I can attest to the fact that we have all been seduced, in different ways, by this show.  Whether it is the music, Elle’s contagious enthusiasm, or the empowerment theme, this show just draws you in and makes you want to sing along.  But for most people, cast, crew and audience members alike, the first Legally Blonde movie is the common bond.  Everyone knows and loves the movie, right? Well, maybe not at first blush.

Rachel Biber was not exactly a fan of the movie at first, but she had an interesting reason to go see it.  As she explains, “When the movie first came out, the only incentive I had to see it was that my sister's roommate at U of M was Jessica Cauffiel, the actor who played Margot. So, with hesitation, I went with my younger sister to the movie theater.”   Despite her initial reluctance, Rachel said that Jessica was “fabulous, and I was so happy to see a movie about overcoming stereotypes of ALL kinds, and loving each other exactly the way we are.  A fantastic explosion of pink independent girliness.  Fun AND a good message ... a true rarity.” 

In our production, Rachel plays Brooke Wyndham, who she describes as “the uber ambitious fitness queen, falsely accused and on trial for killing her husband.  I enjoy Brooke because she (like Elle) believes in herself and in the goodness of people. At the same time she will not be pushed around or taken advantage of.  She's a little scary, and I like that.”  Rachel’s biggest challenge to playing Brooke?  “Two words ... Jump Ropes!  Synchronized jump ropes at that, and singing while doing high impact cardio is quite a challenge as well.  Luckily I’m a fitness nut and I LOVE anything active and physical – running, dancing, yoga – if it involves sweating, I’m there.”  Rachel also loves the “upbeat and uplifting theme of the musical ... even though I never have been a sorority girl.”

Rachel has been involved with theater since she was 10. You may have seen her at the Barn in Barefoot in the Park (Corrie), Sweet Charity (Nikki), and Gypsy (Louise).  Other favorites include RENT (Joanne), A Streetcar Named Desire (Stella), Wonder of the World (Cass), and Sordid Lives (Bitsy Mae Harding).  When not onstage, Rachel works at home in Huntington Woods as a nanny and she and her husband Berry are proud parents of Caleb (age 8).

The Farmington Players' production of Legally Blonde, the Musical is sponsored by TruVista Wealth Advisors.  The show opens April 26 and runs through May 18. Tickets can be purchased online at www.farmingtonplayers.org or by calling the box office at 248-553-2955.

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