2022-23 season

2022-23 season

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Michael Soave is Right at Home with Stage Family in Miracle

Michael Soave relishes his role as Jimmy, the man of the Nowak house, who often plays peacekeeper.
In real life, Michael Soave is an only child, so playing the only man in a household of women is a dream role.  In the Farmington Players production of Miracle on South Division Street, Michael plays Jimmy, the youngest child of Clara Nowak (played by Maggie Gilkes) and baby brother to sisters Beverly (Kristi Schwartz) and Ruth (Katie Bigwood).  Jimmy works as a garbage collector and is a real handyman around the house.  He’s also romantically interested in a woman outside his faith, which is no small source of consternation for his Catholic family.

Michael describes Jimmy as the only “man in the family surrounded by women. I'm the only guy in the show so I get to show off my masculine energy.”  (While not explained in the play, we presume that patriarch of the Nowak family has passed away.)  Michael says that Jimmy has to “deal with his own personal issues throughout the show while playing the mediator between the female family members.”   Like all families, the Nowaks have their differences.   Michael thinks, “we can all relate to the theme of family struggle that the Nowaks go through, but they come together in the end.”  He knows that “people will enjoy the show because it's heartfelt and it explores group and individual identity in a humorous modern way. The entire show is one conversation and is fast paced and VERY funny.”

Michael has some kind words to say about his stage family: 
  • “I've worked with Maggie before, and she is a gem.  I am so happy to be in the show with her.” 
  • “I greatly admire Kate's ability to do so much and so well. Her kids are adorable!” 
  • “Kristy is a loudmouth who I love to work with.  She gives it back to me in kind and more!”
  • Of director Sue Rogers, Michael says, “it's great to work with someone who knows exactly what she wants to see onstage and brings it out of all of us. She's also incredibly patient.”

Michael is originally from the metro Detroit area, with a jaunt to Florida in between. He admits, “I'm actually kind of a dweeb: I love doing magic tricks and yo-yoing (I was once a sponsored yo-yoer).”  He also does “stand-up comedy all over the state and I've been in two indie film productions. I currently work at a restaurant in Ferndale and am returning to school this year.”

The Farmington Players' production of Miracle on South Division Street opens February 13 and runs through February 28.  The show is proudly sponsored by Varsity Automotive Group. Tickets can be purchased online at www.farmingtonplayers.org or by calling the box office at 248-553-2955

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